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0000310WeBidAuctionspublic2011-07-31 14:482015-08-28 16:27
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0000310: Error with auction count
I setup WeBid and was playing around.. i made two user accounts just to test things out. User A posted an item as a regular auction. Then User A posted an item, User B purchased (buy it now). I switched it around and User B posted an item with buy it now, which user B purchased.

I then went into the admin panel where it listed one current auction and one "closed" auction. I deleted both from the admin panel, and when I went back to the regular user interface, it lists there's -1 Auctions in the upper right corner, and beside the one category listing it also shows a (-1).

Maybe I removed it at or before the cron.php did whatever it does, or somehow came up with a negative number of auctions.

(I guess the other question is, so I don't have to hunt, where is the number of currently active auctions stored so I can reset it to 0?)
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duplicate of 0000111new  Listing closed auctions on categories 
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