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0000385: Several Bugs
Hello there,

i've just installed WeBid 1.0.4 and after some testing i discovered some bugs:

- In the registration there is the text missing for "agree to the Terms and Conditions", there is just the checkbox.

- If you set the money format to european style, the comparison of values is broken. I tried to make a new auction and set the auction price to 9 and the buy now price to 30 and he keeps saying that the buy now-price has to be higher than the auction price. If you put "09" into the auction price, it works, so i guess it is a text-based compare.

- The "Buy now" buttons disappeares as soon as someone makes a normal bid (the bid was smaller than the buy now price).

- Don't know if you can say this is a bug, but it shows "100% positive feedback" for users, who don't have any feedback at all, which is misleading.

That's it for now, i will post again, if i find more. :)

By the way, the wiki is broken.


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One bug per thread please. Otherwise they can't be individually voted as replicated or not.

Also, please search the forums for possible solutions or answers. At least one (first) of your issues has already been covered and "solved". True perceived Bugs should only be posted after significant investigation.

I'm going to lock this and later delete it. Please follow the advice and repost what you believe necessary in the Bugs board with a single entry per thread.

Of course, thanks for testing and welcome. Here are the general http://www.webidsupport.com/forums/announcement.php?f=10" [^" title="]Forum rules">]Forum rules that I have highlighted with regards to this posting.