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0000487: Category still showing count
I created first auction. It was incorrectly categorized. I changed category--the category didn't change on the Home Page display. I went to edit listing, the category was correct in listing. Still never corrected on home page.

I deleted the listing, recreated in correct category. The new listing is in correct category; however, the original, DELETED listing still shows a count in the original wrong category. There is NO listing when you click through to category, but there is still a count.

Also, every time I edited the original listing, I would change from Make Highlighted to unchecking (I didn't want it highlighted). The listing persisted as highlighted - I could not get it to stop being highlighted.
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duplicate of 0000111new  Listing closed auctions on categories 
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You need to re-sync counters, in admin side.
2015-05-03 23:34   
Set your cronjob up or click the re sync data button in adin end
2015-05-24 17:56   
Potentially fixed with https://github.com/renlok/WeBid/commit/2254848ec657ada2e55f0b1605777630fad5e884 [^] but needs more testing