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0000005WeBidBiddingpublic2009-04-15 09:322009-09-20 11:08
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0.7.3 / 0.7.4 
0000005: Incorrect Current Bid display
I'll describe the issue using the example below:

* Suppose an item is being auctioned starting from 10 GBP and the minimum bid increment is 1 GBP

* The first bidder A sets his maximum bid to 15 GBP and starts bidding

* The second bidder B sets his maximum to 12 GBP and starts bidding

* Soon the system will outbid the bidder B on behalf of the highest proxy bidder A for 13 GBP and will notify B that his bid is not sufficient enough with the current bid and the next minimum bid.

The issue here is that the system displays the current bid as 10 GBP which equals the current bid for the item.
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2009-04-15 18:43   
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oh yeah i can re porduce it, good find it shows the incorrect current bid & minimum bid
2009-04-15 19:11   
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OK this is fixed for next release
2009-07-27 03:38   
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Hi! I've seen this bug too, I'm trying to work on it.

auctions do not display Current Bid correctly
with my installation or is it the same errors for you?

2009-07-27 21:59   
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Can you post the files or changes here please when you come from holidays?

Or when will be the next release?

Many thanks