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0000519: SMTP problem to send email
I have a problem to send e-mails with SMTP.

I already change the code line 399 (class_email_handler.php) that was with a bug to:

$mail->SMTPSecure = strtolower($system->SETTINGS['smtp_security']);

before it was thus:
$mail->SMTPSecure = strtolower($_POST['smtp_security']);

with error: PHP Notice:  Undefined index: smtp_security in /home/u223991712/public_html/includes/class_email_handler.php on line 399

But, it still continues with problem. Now on browser console after send test email by admin a error is shown:

POST http://melivro.com/admin/emailsettings.php?test_email [^] 500 (Internal Server Error)

Could somebody help me?
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