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0000566WeBidUserspublic2016-06-01 07:312017-07-21 10:50
0000566: WeBid 1.2 NO User CP back links in default theme
In the WeBid default theme for as long as I can remember there have been no links back to a previus page in the users control panel causing a user to have to use the browsers back button or re press a tab.

I am fixing this now although only a small problem I think it is important.

I assign this to myself.

Original Forum Thread HERE

http://www.webidsupport.com/forums/index.php?threads/webid-1-2-user-cp-back-links-in-default-theme.9784/ [^]
Log into WeBid front end as a user and go to the My Control Panel and click a tab then on a page
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2016-06-01 07:34   
OK I can no longer assign problems to anyone as my status on the bug tracker seems to be reporter only so could Renlok please assign this to me.
2016-06-02 03:18   
Please see the original thread linked to above for a progress update
2016-06-03 02:12   
This is now all sorted and a PR has been submitted to github