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0000569WeBidGallerypublic2016-06-03 10:122016-06-24 21:49
LinuxLinux Mint17.3
0000569: Can't upload photos to gallery - rename from .part to .jpg|png|... failed
When uploading photos to gallery (putting new item to sell) they are copied to server,

 but stay in file.ext.part and they are not renamed.
 In error log: 03-06-2016, 11:55:28: Unknown error type: [2] rename(/var/www/WeBid/uploaded/v6p6l5n9uq0eb77brfpu63knf3/o_1akar0d2f10a6nng1mhp4mb14ttg.jpg.part,/var/www/webid/uploaded/v6p6l5n9uq0eb77brfpu63knf3/o_1akar0d2f10a6nng1mhp4mb14ttg.jpg): No such file or directory on /var/www/WeBid/includes/packages/PluploadHandler.php line 164
Run WeBid on url like http://server/WeBid/ [^] - with some uppercase in URL and try to upload photos to gallery.
In /WeBid/includes/packages/PLuploadHandler.php on rows 164 and 165 is used strtolower function which leads to directory name mistmatch: /var/www/WeBid/uploaded/v6p6l5n9uq0eb77brfpu63knf3/ vs /var/www/webid/uploaded/v6p6l5n9uq0eb77brfpu63knf3/
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has duplicate 0000570feedback renlok Uploaded images not showing and all being given a file extension of .JPG.part 
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