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0000581WeBidAdmin Control Panelpublic2016-06-27 12:262017-07-21 10:49
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0000581: edit template saves in wrong place
Please help I'm running version 1.2, when i edit a theme template for my main site and save it and clear cache the file moves to the admin theme folder so i have search for it and move it into the right folder it is so annoying because its taking me longer to do anything.
http://www.webidsupport.com/forums/index.php?threads/v1-2-edit-template-saves-in-wrong-place.9951/ [^]
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2016-06-27 12:26renlokNew Issue
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2016-06-27 12:27renlokFixed in Version => 1.2.1
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2016-06-27 12:27renlokAssigned To => renlok

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