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0000046WeBidAuctionspublic2009-09-21 19:282009-09-22 07:03
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Product Version0.8.0 
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Summary0000046: Webid 0.8 is not taking start time preferences into account

This relates to Webid Version 0.8 released officially today 21/9/09, while testing it on both a live and local test server, both returned the same issue. I am using a Firefox browser V3.5.3 running XP Home SP3

See the screenshots below for details of the issue, but generally I need to be able to put items into the auction system to start on a future date, so it's one of the first things I tested.

I de-selected the tick box next to 'Start Auction Now' and then selected a random date from the calendar, in this case 2 days time. It appeared to select everything correctly, however when submitting the auction and being taken to the approval window it appears that the date has reverted back to todays date.

When finally submitting the auction and checking the start time, the auction has already begin. It therefore seems that the tick box for 'Start Auction Now' is not functioning correctly and ignoring the fact that it has been de-selected in preference for a specific date and therefore overriding the date taken from the calendar.

">http://www.thetradebox.co.uk/images/webidbug1.jpg[/IMG] [^]

">http://www.thetradebox.co.uk/images/webidbug2.jpg[/IMG] [^]

">http://www.thetradebox.co.uk/images/webidbug3.jpg[/IMG] [^]

">http://www.thetradebox.co.uk/images/webidbug4.jpg[/IMG] [^]
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renlok (administrator)
2009-09-21 21:29
edited on: 1970-01-01 00:00

fix: http://simpleauction.svn.sf.net/viewvc/simpleauction/WeBid/trunk/includes/sellfunctions.inc.php?r1=132&r2=168[/url] [^]
ltdan (reporter)
2009-09-21 23:36
edited on: 1970-01-01 00:00

Yep, that did the job, cheers :)

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