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0000486WeBidAuctionspublic2014-10-07 16:202015-03-19 23:00
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PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
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Product Version1.1.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version1.1.2 
Summary0000486: Bugs in Taxed and Tax Included
DescriptionI am not sure what is the development history of Taxed and Tax Included but in 1.1.1 are not functioning. They have some serious logic and execution booboos.

OK let's start from the database

they are defined as enum('y','n')

  [PHP]`tax` enum('y','n') NOT NULL default 'n',

  `taxinc` enum('y','n') NOT NULL default 'y',[/PHP]

(personally I think they should an int(1) or a char(1) but that's for a different discussion)

In the template we have this

[PHP] <!-- IF B_CAN_TAX -->


                        <td align="right" width="25%" valign="top" class="leftpan">



                        <td class="rightpan">

                            <input type="radio" name="is_taxed" value="y" {TAX_Y}> {L_030}

                            <input type="radio" name="is_taxed" value="n" {TAX_N}> {L_029}




                        <td align="right" width="25%" valign="top" class="leftpan">



                        <td class="rightpan">

                            <input type="radio" name="tax_included" value="y" {TAXINC_Y}> {L_030}

                            <input type="radio" name="tax_included" value="n" {TAXINC_N}> {L_029}



    <!-- ENDIF -->[/PHP]

So far so good. So they are radio buttons.

Now here is where the problems are starting

1. in /includes|functions_sell.php in function setvars() near line 93 there is this

[PHP] $is_taxed = (isset($_POST['is_taxed'])) ? 'y' : $_SESSION['SELL_is_taxed'];

    $tax_included = (isset($_POST['tax_included'])) ? 'y' : $_SESSION['SELL_tax_included'];


Well what this means is that no matter what the poor user does both $is_taxed and $tax_included are always gonna be 'y' because a radio button by definition is always set.

2. in /sell.php near line 675 there is this

[PHP] 'TAX_Y' => (intval($is_taxed) == 'y') ? 'checked' : '',

                'TAX_N' => (intval($is_taxed) == 'n' || empty($is_taxed)) ? 'checked' : '',

                'TAXINC_Y' => (intval($tax_included) == 1 || empty($tax_included)) ? 'checked' : '',

                'TAXINC_N' => (intval($tax_included) == 2) ? 'checked' : '',


A. So what is the meaning of using intval here?? It will not return an error but it will always return 0 so we have if (0=='y') and if (0=='n') which means that it will never be set to 'checked' .

B. || empty($is_taxed) $is_taxed is never gonna be empty is a radio button except when we loose it as in A above.

C. intval($tax_included) == 1 and intval($tax_included) == 2 What is 1 and 2 doing here??

here again we have if (0==1) and if (0==2) which means that it will never be set to 'checked' .


OK Going to fix them and I'll post code changes.
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