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0000541WeBidAuctionspublic2016-03-25 20:122016-03-25 20:20
Assigned Torenlok 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version1.1.2 
Target VersionFixed in Version1.2.0 
Summary0000541: Fees dont change if you go back to edit auction
DescriptionI added fees of 0.05GBP each for the following
Homepage Featured
Bold Item
Highlighted Item
I filled out the form on the sell page and selected the HomePage Featured, Bold Item and Highlighted Item before clicking the submit auction button to get to the preview auction page so all was fine and dandy before pressing the submit auction button to get to the preview auction page because it told me that the fee was 0.15GBP and when on the preview auction page all was still fine and dandy as it still said my fees where 0.15GBP so I decided to click on the You Can Still Make Changes To This Auction link, that link then takes you back to the sell page form where you can make changes to your auction, now at this point I decided to see what will happen when I disable some of the options that I chose originally like the HomePage Featured, Bold Item and Highlighted Item, so I unchecked them one by one and the fee amount never went down or changed it still remained the same and still said that my fee amount was 0.15GBP so just to test this out I decided to untick the first 2 options of HomePage Featured and Bold Item and then click the Submit Action button to go the preview page and guess what the preview page even still said I had to pay 0.15GBP even though I had gone back to edit the auction and had de selected the first 2 options so it should now be saying that the fee I should pay is 0.05GBP but it still says 0.15GBP so at this point I clicked the submit button to submit the auction just in case the JavaScript in the sell.tpl was wrong and not updating itself on a MODE=RECALL and I was curious if when I actually submitted the auction if it would resolve the problem of it saying the that the FEE was 0.15GBP when it should now be displaying only 0.05GBP.

When the auction was submitted I went to the outstanding.php in my user control panel and it is clear that it has in fact charged me 0.15GBP from a MODE=RECALL when in the MODE=RECALL I have clearly changed what I originally selected to only 1 option that should have only charged me at 0.05GBP but it has still charged me the 0.15GBP like as though I still have all of the three options selected when I submitted the auction.

I thought we had resolved all of the fee problems pre 1.1.2P2 but it is now obvious that it still does not work.

Can anyone working on the next version confirm If this fixed in the GitHub version? or is this yet another bug that needs to be looked into and fixed in the GitHub version?.

We need the above problem with fees sorting out first and then referring back to the post I linked to above to which I did reply to, I think that even if a relist fee is set at 0.00GBP then the member relisting the Item should still be charged the fees set up for the following three things HomePage Featured, Bold Item and Highlighted Item as these fees in my opinion are auction extras or auction add ons and the fees for them should not be exempted when posting a relisted auction.
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2016-03-25 20:12 renlok New Issue
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