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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   0000369    Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2016-04-25Gallery/Image Error when Image is Over max size
   0000045    Biddingminorresolved (renlok)2016-04-25Internal server error when bidding
  00002934   Languageminorresolved (renlok)2016-04-25Minor messages.inc.php issue, perhaps more
  0000553    Usersminorresolved (renlok)2016-04-25No message given to users when they are forwarded to login page
   000024010   Emailminorresolved (renlok)2016-04-25Undefined variable: winner_array in cron.php - winner emails not sent
  00005282   Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2016-04-25timezones
  00005361   Install / Upgrademajorresolved (renlok)2016-04-25upgrade process doesnt work
   000040014 Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2016-04-25Sorting problem
  0000419    Languageminorresolved (renlok)2016-04-25Multi-language alphabetical ordering
  0000550    Feature Requestfeatureresolved (renlok)2016-04-24words filter should also work on user names
  0000549    Emailminorresolved (renlok)2016-04-24Item Watch does not result in an email bein sent "BUG FIX FOR THE GIT"
  0000548    Auctionstweakresolved (renlok)2016-04-24Select category not working on moblies
  0000545    Admin Control Panelmajorresolved (renlok)2016-04-08In admin clicking to open invoices redirects the admin to the front end user login page
  00005471   Galleryminorresolved (renlok)2016-04-08All gallery image being resizesd to 600px
  0000546    Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2016-04-08When sending question about auction to user auction title cut off
  0000544    Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2016-03-28buy it now only auctions showing in auctions ending soon count
  0000541    Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2016-03-25Fees dont change if you go back to edit auction
  00004393   Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2016-03-23Unknown error type: [2] opendir(/home/<username>/public_html/uploaded//1) [function.opendir]: failed to open dir: No such
  0000232    Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2016-03-23Settings -> Countries Table won't be update after add a country
  0000226    Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2016-03-23Buyer request to be a Seller
  00005291   Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2016-03-22cannot turn off payment gateways
  00004342   Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2016-03-22Javascript Errors on sell.php
   00002072   Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2016-03-22Deleting categories with active auction
  000053911 Auctionsmajorresolved (renlok)2016-03-21Error Home page not working correctly
  0000501 1 Auctionsmajorresolved (renlok)2016-03-21Balance not being set correctly via cron
  0000527    Biddingminorresolved (renlok)2016-01-25Outbid email incorrect
   00004311   Biddingminorresolved (renlok)2015-10-09When another bidder hits other bidders proxy bid (yourbids.php)
  0000526    Galleryminorresolved (renlok)2015-10-09Display of file names with capital letters in extension is prohibited
  0000502    Generaltrivialresolved (renlok)2015-10-07BUG in pay.php on line 39 and 40
  0000506    Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2015-10-07Timezone inconsistencies in browse categories
  0000523    Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2015-10-05bug with fees
  0000521    Feature Requestminorresolved (renlok)2015-09-30There is no way to search usergroups
  0000520    Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2015-09-30No error checking to admin/usergroups
  0000518    Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2015-09-30Count Bug in usergroups
  0000519    Emailminorresolved (renlok)2015-09-30SMTP problem to send email
  0000514    Biddingminorresolved (renlok)2015-09-25Multiple Issues when using buy it now only with multiple items
  0000517    Emailminorresolved (renlok)2015-09-25Problem With Cumulative Email Formatting
  0000516    Biddingminorresolved (renlok)2015-09-25Javascript bug in bid.tpl
  0000512    Auctionsmajorresolved (renlok)2015-09-25Buy now only with multiple items
  0000511    Feature Requestminorresolved (renlok)2015-09-21Replace mysql_ with PDO
  0000509    Templatesminorresolved (renlok)2015-09-21Long titles breaking homepage layout
  0000504    Biddingminorresolved (renlok)2015-09-16Does not tell user to login when they are logged out on item page
   0000447    Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2015-08-28(Ver 1.1.0) [Solution] Multiple pages in invoices.php do no work. Clicking on second page leeds user to outstanding.php?page=2 (
   0000326111 Templatesminorresolved (renlok)2015-08-28HTML entities break forms
  0000494    Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2015-07-28Balance not being set correctly via cron
  0000493    Auctionsmajorresolved (renlok)2015-07-01Issue on outstanding page
   0000477    Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2015-07-01Additional zero money/one quantity winner´s bid after each closed BuyOnly Auction
   00004542   Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2015-06-28Bid problem on version 1.1.0
   00004025   Generalminorresolved (renlok)2015-06-28user balance - negative balance missing (-)
   0000331    Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2015-06-28Double up on auction cost price
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