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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00001791   Templatesminorresolved (renlok)2015-06-28In view_new.tpl list not working id,title and date not showing up.
  00000271   Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2015-06-28Relisting auction loses Image(s)
  0000498 1 Auctionsmajorresolved (renlok)2015-06-21sellsimilar oes not transfer existing images
   0000269    Biddingminorresolved (renlok)2015-06-06Buy 2 or more times same auction
  0000129    Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2015-06-04Check/Uncheck All not working in Closed Auctions
   00001491   Install / Upgrademinorresolved (renlok)2015-05-24install/functions.php and sql syntax error r209
   00001422   Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2015-05-24Payment Method
  0000432    Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2015-05-22Database Error on Saving Settings -> Auction Settings Due to Missing Default Value for cust_increment
   0000231    Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2015-05-15settings -> Time settings -> Time zone should be decima(5,2) and not integer
  0000436    Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2015-05-15Invalid Month Value Error on Setting Auction Date
   00001289   Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2015-05-07Search Pagination issue & Advanced search Refreshes to blank and no ALL category default
  0000253    Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2015-05-04Multiple items payment page won't show the right ammount.
   0000268    Biddingminorresolved (renlok)2015-05-04Value to pay more 1 quantity is wrong
  0000330    Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2015-05-04Multiple Qty not working properly on Buy Now
  0000412    Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2015-05-04Price won't add when buying multiple items
   00004381   Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2015-05-03Wrong parameter count for mysql_fetch_assoc() on includes/functions_sell.php line 321
  000049011 Registrationmajorresolved (renlok)2015-05-03Captcha BUG
   0000462352 Generalminorresolved2015-04-01Reserve Not met Items Incorrectly Marked as Sold in Database
   000043021 Feedbackminorresolved2015-04-01ver. 1.0.6 Wrong date in buysellnofeedback.php
   00003289   Emailminorresolved2015-04-01Your auction has ended with no winner Emails
   0000009112 Biddingminorresolved2015-04-01Bid amount error
  0000473    Admin Control Panelminorresolved2015-03-19Fix for displayed text
  0000486    Auctionsminorresolved2015-03-19Bugs in Taxed and Tax Included
   00004781   Templatesminorresolved2015-03-19Skrill/Moneybookers payment link fix
   0000475    Auctionsminorresolved2015-03-19shipping fee and additional shipping bug
   00004724   Admin Control Panelminorresolved2015-02-17BUG FOUND: Problem with suspended user's after account is back in credit
   00004858   Generalminorresolved2015-02-17Thumbnail image not showing at end of auction no winer email
   00004654   Generalminorresolved2015-02-08Paying for multiple items (FIX)
   00004439   Emailminorresolved2014-09-15Not possible to contact the seller from outstanding.php (Ver 1.1.0)
  0000440    Registrationminorresolved2014-07-20Different names in $missing-array in register.php generate errors.
   0000466    Admin Control Panelminorresolved2014-07-20admin bords on ยด/off fix
   00004527   Auctionsminorresolved2014-03-11Shipping not calculating or being sent to paypal
   00004424   Templatesminorresolved2014-03-11paying to balance in pay.php leeds to blank page (Ver 1.1.0)
  00004554   Languageminorresolved2014-02-101.1.0 typos in English version of messages.inc.php
   00004379   Auctionsminorresolved2013-10-28Cannot start auction in the future.
   0000457    Biddingminorresolved2013-10-15User Can Bid Against Themselves
   00002736   Biddingminorresolved2013-08-18YOUR BIDS PROBLEM - on Items out bid on (yourbids.php)
  00003846   Templatesminorresolved2013-07-27Bug in functions-user.php
   00004266   Generalminorresolved2013-05-31Fee payments using paypal
  0000425    Auctionsminorresolved2013-05-28Auction Invalid Error When Logged-in User Clicks Buy It Now
  0000424    Auctionsminorresolved2013-05-28Final Price Fee Is Zero When Final Bid Equals From or To Fee Amount
   00003735   Auctionsminorresolved2013-03-31[BUG] V-1.0.3 - Seller can't see Buyer contact informations
  0000414    Auctionsminorresolved2013-03-31Reset fields button when listing a new item won't clear the total fees amount.
   0000411    Admin Control Panelminorresolved2013-01-23Slightly Annoying Admin access reports bug
   0000410    Admin Control Panelminorresolved2013-01-23Bug in categoriestrans.php
  00002971   Admin Control Panelminorresolved2013-01-23Can't change text in "Categories Translation Table"
  00002851   Admin Control Panelminorresolved2013-01-23Description wrong in auction editing
  00002431   Admin Control Panelminorresolved2013-01-23Simple bug in Admin edit Auctions Description field with "solution"
   000023817   Feedbackminorresolved2013-01-23Feedback not working
  00001652   Admin Control Panelminorresolved2013-01-23Banner limitations by keyword or category/subcategory do not hold
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