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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000576121 Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21National Flag url for image is broken. (Latest GIThub 1.2.0a)
  0000595    Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21Can add users with same username/email in admin
  0000598    Feesminorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21Currency is not sent to 2checkout so will always assume you're using USD
  0000597    Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21Banips page admin can ban themselves
  0000604    Usersminorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21Cannot reply to messages
  00005861   Generalminorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21Serbia missing from Country list
   0000393    Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21Minimum bid, Reserve price & Buy Now error
  0000607    Biddingminorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21Auto extension on Dutch auction is not working
  0000606    Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21Cannot add line breaks in add faq
  0000603 1 Admin Control Panelmajorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21/ breaks word filter
  00005311   Emailmajorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21Reply-to missing in contact member
   000045910   Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21After automatic relisting ended, manual renew had a 1970 closed date
   0000423    Emailminornew2017-07-21Bugs in dutch auction and bn_only email
  0000617    Auctionsminornew2017-07-21Dutch auction incorrect emails
  0000622    Emailmajornew2017-07-21Emails are sent with to much information
  0000621 1 Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21http://recaptcha.net/ [^] 404
  0000618    Languageminoracknowledged (renlok)2017-07-21Translation of content pages
  0000623    Languageminornew2017-07-21Category language error
  00006191   Admin Control Panelminornew2017-07-21Admin area unavailable
  0000624    Auctionsminornew2017-07-21if user selects auction time long than a month, only days show
  0000627    Feature Requestminornew2017-07-21Bank Transfer Gateway
  00006091   Auctionsmajorclosed (renlok)2017-03-10Webid scripts seems to email one closing auction at a time
  0000614    Biddingminorclosed (renlok)2017-03-07Next bid not calculated correctly on bid.php page
  000062021 Registrationmajorclosed (renlok)2017-02-17Login form stores all the passwords of others
  00004271   Emailminorclosed (renlok)2017-01-15e-mail ended duch auction problems
  00006161   Admin Control Panelminorclosed (renlok)2017-01-15Cannot update user data in admin panel
  0000615    Auctionsminorclosed (renlok)2017-01-14Use of undefined constant B_CANEDITSTARTDATE - assumed 'B_CANEDITSTARTDATE' on C:\xampp\htdocs\webid\cache\tpl_modern_sell.tpl.p
   00004467   Auctionsminorclosed (renlok)2017-01-14(Ver 1.1.0) When setting up an auction and the user submits it and then decides to make changes to it, the fees may be calculate
  0000608    Admin Control Panelmajorclosed (renlok)2017-01-13New Admin user not work/ Can not create a new admin user
  0000613    Feesmajorclosed (renlok)2017-01-13Fee's charged everytime listing is edited
  0000611    Auctionsminorclosed (renlok)2017-01-13Suspended auctions showing in lists
  0000602 1 Registrationmajorclosed (renlok)2016-11-23cant creat a basic user name
  0000601 1 Auctionsmajorclosed (renlok)2016-11-23get items title misssing every time
  00006001   Auctionsmajorclosed (renlok)2016-11-23error for adding title to items
  0000591    Admin Control Panelminorclosed (renlok)2016-09-25Check/Uncheck All doesn't work in Admin Payments
  0000599    Auctionsminorclosed (renlok)2016-09-25watchlist bug doesn't check ids correctly
  0000593    Auctionsmajorclosed (renlok)2016-09-19Various
  0000596    Admin Control Panelminorclosed (renlok)2016-09-17No confirmation messages on banips admin page
  0000594 1 Auctionsmajorclosed (renlok)2016-09-13Auction listing reproducing when refreshed
  000058521 Usersminorclosed (renlok)2016-09-13Invalid user
  000058921 Auctionsminorclosed (renlok)2016-08-24Installed and setup webid and register.php is not working at all
  00005901   Emailminorclosed (renlok)2016-08-24Buy Now Only
  00005842   Usersminorclosed (renlok)2016-08-13Unnecessary menu item in user CP
  00005741   Usersminorclosed (renlok)2016-07-19User CP [Edit Settings] non-function Latest GIThub 1.2.0a
  00005401   Emailmajorclosed (renlok)2016-07-19Email is not working
  00005821   Emailmajorclosed (renlok)2016-07-19Some emails are not formated
  00005713   Auctionsmajorclosed (renlok)2016-07-19Cannot Re-Save Auction once Created
  0000577    Gallerymajorclosed (renlok)2016-06-24images not being saved
  0000569    Galleryblockclosed (renlok)2016-06-24Can't upload photos to gallery - rename from .part to .jpg|png|... failed
   00002419   Auctionsminorclosed (renlok)2016-06-19Not updating sold column in database
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