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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00002371   Emailminorclosed (renlok)2016-06-18End of auction (single) email to seller not showing auction image
  0000260    Auctionsminorclosed (renlok)2016-05-08Final price fee not calculated right
  00004603   Galleryminorresolved (renlok)2016-05-08Webid 1.1.1 gallery
  0000503    Feesminorassigned (renlok)2016-05-06BUG in add balance inside my controle panel -> pending payments
  0000559    Feature Requestfeatureassigned (renlok)2016-05-06Add option to only show distinct error messages in error log
  0000558    Admin Control Panelminorclosed (renlok)2016-05-06TIMEZONE
  00002331   Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2016-05-03Creation of Thumbnail for tall thin images results in blurring
  00003141   Emailminorresolved (renlok)2016-05-02I found an error in the "Your Auction Has Been Confirmed:" email
  0000525    Registrationmajorresolved (renlok)2016-05-02Non latin user names produce invalid confirmation links
  0000524    Emailminorresolved (renlok)2016-05-02Non latin names don't display right in emails
  0000552    Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2016-05-02Newletter page in admin layout messed up
  0000557    Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2016-05-01If you change to a second language in admin you cannot change back to the default language
  0000507    Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2016-05-01Auction count incorrect with subcategories
  0000551    Auctionsminorclosed (renlok)2016-05-01Bug cannot edit start time of auction set to start in the future
  0000556    Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2016-05-01When saving categories changes language after save
   000046929   Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2016-05-01How to stop categories adding a /
   000046827   Admin Control Panelminorclosed (renlok)2016-05-01How to stop categories adding a /
   00004873   Auctionsminorclosed (renlok)2016-05-01Category still showing count
   00003112   Registrationminorclosed (renlok)2016-05-01Register Button does not work
  00004973   Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2016-05-01Curency converter link in admin currencies.php returns a 'Window.Open' is undefined error
   00003221   Admin Control Panelminorclosed (renlok)2016-05-01error with initial admin account.
  0000515    Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2016-05-01Incorrect messages on item page
   00002181   Registrationminorclosed (renlok)2016-05-01Disabling Auto-join for Seller User Group prevents new accounts
   000021711   Auctionsminorclosed (renlok)2016-05-01Creating BuyItNow only auction does not allow you to set the price
   0000151    Install / Upgrademinorresolved (renlok)2016-05-01Advanced Search Problems
  00001303   Registrationminorresolved (renlok)2016-05-01Suspending & un-Suspending a User sends Welcome Email
   00000311   Biddingminorclosed (renlok)2016-05-01Bug when the first bid equals the next minimum bid (Version 0.7.3)
  000001123   Auctionsminorclosed (renlok)2016-05-01Back to the Future bug
  0000555    Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2016-05-01Buy it now only auctions do not merge if multiple items bought
   0000479    Generalminorresolved (renlok)2016-04-25Uploading new Items Categories not showing
  0000508    Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2016-04-25Category issue on mobile
   00004491   Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2016-04-25Can't enter description in IE10
   0000369    Auctionsminorresolved (renlok)2016-04-25Gallery/Image Error when Image is Over max size
  0000513    Auctionstrivialclosed (renlok)2016-04-25Categories dropdown in advanced search is not ordered
   0000045    Biddingminorresolved (renlok)2016-04-25Internal server error when bidding
  00002934   Languageminorresolved (renlok)2016-04-25Minor messages.inc.php issue, perhaps more
  0000553    Usersminorresolved (renlok)2016-04-25No message given to users when they are forwarded to login page
  0000554    Feature Requestfeaturenew2016-04-25Add option to preview auction
   000024010   Emailminorresolved (renlok)2016-04-25Undefined variable: winner_array in cron.php - winner emails not sent
  00005282   Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2016-04-25timezones
  00005361   Install / Upgrademajorresolved (renlok)2016-04-25upgrade process doesnt work
   000040014 Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2016-04-25Sorting problem
  0000419    Languageminorresolved (renlok)2016-04-25Multi-language alphabetical ordering
  0000550    Feature Requestfeatureresolved (renlok)2016-04-24words filter should also work on user names
  0000236    Emailminorfeedback (renlok)2016-04-24Aucton closing cumulative e-mail not being sent
  00004531   Admin Control Panelminorconfirmed (renlok)2016-04-24User Count by Group Not Added to Database
  0000271    Feedbackminornew2016-04-24Feedback noted as Buyer/Seller dependent on "Delete Auctions Older then.." Setting
  0000549    Emailminorresolved (renlok)2016-04-24Item Watch does not result in an email bein sent "BUG FIX FOR THE GIT"
  0000548    Auctionstweakresolved (renlok)2016-04-24Select category not working on moblies
  00005371   Galleryminorclosed (renlok)2016-04-08image uploaderdoesnt work
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