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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00003212   Admin Control Panelminorresolved2013-01-22Bug in /admin/index.php and /admin/checkversion.php:
  0000335    Emailminorresolved2013-01-07BUG: "Send question to seller" Not Working
   00003533   Auctionsminorresolved2012-12-12An unexpected error occurred. WHEN PERFORMING A SEARCH
   00003742   Admin Control Panelminorresolved2012-05-31Item description for auction issue in admin
   00003197   Admin Control Panelminorresolved2012-04-12Unknown Error in admin section
   00003082   Auctionsminorresolved2012-01-10paypal problem with Dutch action
  00003051   Auctionsminorresolved2011-08-042Chechout bug, not showing as a payment option in sell.tpl
  0000309    Registrationminorresolved2011-07-30small error missing L_
  00003042   Auctionsminorresolved2011-07-25sell similar adds 000 to all values
   00003002   Auctionsminorresolved2011-07-11Auction setup fee not working correctly, missing the equal to in the code


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