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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   00002277   Auctionsminorresolved2011-02-24Shipping Fee disappears when "Buy it Now Only"
   000017219   Admin Control Panelminorresolved2011-02-17Deleting categories
  00002002   Admin Control Panelminorresolved2011-01-19Loses css styling on words filter update
  00001963   Admin Control Panelminorresolved2011-01-17Admin Panel - Accounts.php Issue
   0000154    Admin Control Panelminorresolved2011-01-17Admin send user payment reminder
  00001751   Languageminorresolved2011-01-17Pay.tpl - a little error
   0000173    Biddingminorresolved2011-01-17Buy now only error...
  0000191    Admin Control Panelminorresolved2011-01-17Admin Panel - FAQs Categories Edit bug
  0000174    Feedbackminorresolved2011-01-17Rss multiplied per 1.000 and with link
  0000163    Auctionsminorresolved2011-01-17Capcha not showing on Send to a Friend
  0000176    Auctionsminorresolved2011-01-17Captcha not working on Tell a Friend page
   0000181    Auctionsminorresolved2011-01-17Reserve Price and Buy Now Price fees on the sell page
  0000180    Templatesminorresolved2011-01-17Error message in forgotpasswd.tpl not showing message
   0000178    Auctionsminorresolved2011-01-17Misnamed msql file in pay.php
   0000187    Auctionsminorresolved2011-01-17Log Error: upldgallery.php error line 50
  00001882   Emailminorresolved2011-01-17Send_email.php minor error
   00001822   Auctionsminorresolved2011-01-17Prices changing when editing auction
  00001901   Install / Upgrademinorresolved2011-01-17robot.txt or robots.txt is in the root dir? o.O
   0000193    Admin Control Panelminorresolved2011-01-17EditFaqCategory Issue
  00001982   Galleryminorresolved2011-01-17imagecolorallocate() function error
  00001533   Auctionsminorresolved2010-07-06Money
  00001221   Admin Control Panelminorresolved2009-12-20Multilingual.php does not set defaultlanguage
   00001372   Templatesminorresolved2009-12-14relisting system not working
   00001361   Auctionsminorresolved2009-12-11Converter cause big problem
   00001311   Admin Control Panelminorresolved2009-11-29Removing Custom start time from admin, posts all auctions with 01/01/1970
  00000802   Feedbackminorresolved2009-11-29RSS Feeds
   000007917   Admin Control Panelminorresolved2009-11-28Banner settings can't be changed and may not be rotating
  00001092   Registrationminorresolved2009-11-12Changing a FAQ Category creates a new one instead
   00000719   Auctionsminorresolved2009-11-12Auction Dates/Times Result in Closed Auctions when Custom Start is set to No
  00001017   Admin Control Panelminorresolved2009-10-31Newsletter Not working
   0000108    Biddingminorresolved2009-10-30You can bid when an auction is pending to open
   00000854   Registrationminorresolved2009-10-29Birthdate not populating or showing in User panel
   000006023   Auctionsminorresolved2009-10-28Error when buyer goes to pay
  00001022   Admin Control Panelminorresolved2009-10-26user sorting under admin panel error
   0000021    Galleryminorresolved2009-10-26upldgallery.php ver. 0.7.4
  00000471   Admin Control Panelminorresolved2009-10-26Admin Auction Duration page clears table
  00000971   Biddingminorresolved2009-10-16Buy Now last item bug
  0000086    Admin Control Panelminorresolved2009-10-14Buyer Fees Email always sent even when zero fees and can't set empty fees
  0000055    Biddingminorresolved2009-10-08SQL Syntax bug when auto time extension is used
   00000663   Biddingminorresolved2009-10-08Blank page after "Pay Now"
   0000074    Auctionsminorresolved2009-10-07Fees not charged when auction is edited.
  0000067    Auctionsminorresolved2009-09-29View Active Auctions - Pagination Broken (v0.81)
  0000065    Auctionsminorresolved2009-09-27Buy it now result has incorrect price and emtpy Title
   00000611   Auctionsminorresolved2009-09-27Asking seller a question duplicates on Item page
   0000058    Auctionsminorresolved2009-09-24Apostrophe in auction Description field produces error
   00000571   Admin Control Panelminorresolved2009-09-24Authorize.net not showing in Admin
   0000063    Admin Control Panelminorresolved2009-09-24Admin. Suspending auction date wrong and results in Generic Internal Server Error (time out?)
   0000064    Biddingminorresolved2009-09-24Proxy bid not being recorded properly
  00000561   Admin Control Panelminorresolved2009-09-24time.inc.php missing
  00000495   Admin Control Panelminorresolved2009-09-24auction fees will not save below 1 euro
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