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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000653    Install / Upgrademinornew2019-09-07Menu say U are using an old version
  0000652 1 Languageminornew2019-09-07After translating the US file to Dutch no mails are send
  0000651    Generalmajornew2019-06-02http://www.webidsupport.com/forums/index.php?login/login [^] IMPOSSIBLE SIGNUP AS NEW USER PLEASE HELP ME
  0000650 1 Auctionsminornew2019-04-28I created a test account and I can not list items for auction
  0000649 1 Install / Upgradeblocknew2018-12-27Upgrade or Install
  0000645 1 Feesmajornew2018-09-24Tools section doesnot display the "Under Maintenance Page" text but displays L_0001 in Theme adminGentelella
  0000644    Admin Control Paneltextnew2018-09-18Tools section doesnot display the "Under Maintenance Page" text but displays L_0001 in Theme adminGentelella
  0000643    Admin Control Panelmajornew2018-09-14ReCaptchat failed
  0000642    Registrationminornew2018-07-24Registration form does not load.
  0000641 1 Auctionsblocknew2018-03-27Image Dimension
  0000640    Registrationmajornew2018-02-14webid captcha error
  0000638    Auctionsmajornew2017-12-07Buy now only with multiple items issue
  0000637    Auctionsmajornew2017-12-07Seller gets nonsensical error message when seller misconfigures his PayPal settings
  0000636    Templatesminornew2017-12-07Edit auction description not working on new admin themes
  0000635    Registrationminornew2017-12-07Autoload deprecated
  0000634    Auctionstextnew2017-11-20Categories with quotation marks display incorrectly
  0000631    Auctionsminornew2017-10-25Auctions
  00006052   Generalminornew2017-07-21Translation of the categories for the dropdownlist on the advanced search page does not work
  00006101   Auctionsminornew2017-07-21Ended auction with winner doesnt shows on "Winners details" page
  00005621   Install / Upgrademajorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21Installer gets stuck at 6% WeBid 1.2
   000037211   Auctionsminorfeedback2017-07-211.0.3 buyer fee not charging percentage
  00005601   Admin Control Paneltweakresolved (renlok)2017-07-21Logo Upload page problem and FIX
  00005651   Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21WeBid 1.2 error in admin regarding Methods and Constructors
  00005642   Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21WeBid 1.2 Admin notes and other pages in admin leave a \ for every apostrophe in a word
  00005611   Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21Problem with the admin Manage themes page and FIX
  00005663   Usersminorassigned (renlok)2017-07-21WeBid 1.2 NO User CP back links in default theme
   00001113   Auctionsminornew2017-07-21Listing closed auctions on categories
  00005681   Admin Control Panelmajorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21WeBid 1.2 Admin About us page not saving selection
  0000581    Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21edit template saves in wrong place
  000057011 Auctionsmajorfeedback (renlok)2017-07-21Uploaded images not showing and all being given a file extension of .JPG.part
  00005752   Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21Latest GIThub 1.2.0a
  00005781   Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21Cannot delete two countries from list
  00005722   Usersfeatureresolved (renlok)2017-07-21User CP add Paypal email does not stick
   00000787   Auctionsminorconfirmed2017-07-21Browsing "All" Categories does not show all Featured Auctions
  00005637   Usersminorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21Registration Errors on WeBid 1.2 Registration page not Working
  00005801   Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21Edit user - data missing
  00005831   Generalmajorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21PluploadHandler.php issues
  00005791   Galleryminorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21Lightbox Gallery not working
  00005673   Usersmajorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21WeBid 1.2 item_watch.php creates internal server error
   00004447   Generalminornew2017-07-21(Ver 1.1.0) Paying for multiple bought items doesn't work if user bought the same item before in a different amount
  0000588    Biddingminorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21buyer history sorting incorrect on buy it now auctions
  00005872   Usersminorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21Signup Credit
  000057341 Admin Control Panelfeatureresolved (renlok)2017-07-21When bank payment is entered as a payment method, it should then appear in the Payments Gateways. (Latest GIThub 1.2.0a)
  00005922   Generalcrashresolved (renlok)2017-07-21formatDate(time(
  0000576121 Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21National Flag url for image is broken. (Latest GIThub 1.2.0a)
  0000595    Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21Can add users with same username/email in admin
  0000598    Feesminorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21Currency is not sent to 2checkout so will always assume you're using USD
  0000597    Admin Control Panelminorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21Banips page admin can ban themselves
  0000604    Usersminorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21Cannot reply to messages
  00005861   Generalminorresolved (renlok)2017-07-21Serbia missing from Country list
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